Sustainability in and Beyond the Vineyard
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Ask the Winemakers: How Do You Prepare for Harvest?

For winemakers, harvest is one of the most anticipated (and stressful) times of year. Despite…
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How to Maximize Your Next Trip to France, According to a New Yorker in Paris

Living in France part time has its many obvious perks, and being able to jet…
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The Revolution of Chianti (but Don’t Call it a Comeback)

Chianti‚Äôs reputation has become rather simple: reliable, affordable, and relatively homogenous. While the majority of…


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About Volcanic Selections

When it comes to honest winemaking, we believe that less is more, terroir reigns king, and that every wine in our book has a story to tell. Simply put, we work with wines that we love and that we believe overdeliver for the price without sacrificing quality.

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