About Volcanic Selections.

Volcanic Selections highlights up-and-coming producers who emphasize a minimalist mentality and environmental thoughtfulness in both the vineyard and the cellar.

We work with small growers who respect the environment and produce honest wines from responsibly farmed growing sites. We are committed to sharing our producers’ compelling stories while also offering wines that overdeliver for the price. To us, less is generally more and quality should never be sacrificed.

Founded In 2020

“We want to be friends with our suppliers; it should feel like family.”

Volcanic Selections was founded in 2020 by Jeff Porter, a seasoned sommelier and wine educator based in New York. Originally from Texas, Jeff discovered his passion for wine while studying biochemistry at the University of Texas. He first dove into the world of wine at Central Market, one of Austin’s premier wine shops.

Post-graduation, Jeff transitioned to wine sales and moved to the Bay Area, though his love for hospitality and restaurants pushed him further north. After working as a sommelier for Napa Valley’s Tra Vigne Ristorante, Jeff joined the Bastianich Hospitality Group in 2009 and moved to New York City, where he ultimately accepted the prestigious wine director position for Del Posto.

In 2014, Jeff became the beverage operations director for the entire Bastianich group, overseeing beverage programs at Babbo, Del Posto, Esca, Lupa, Otto, Babbo Pizzeria, and more.

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We’re not selling boxes or pallets. We are sharing the stories and passion of the growers.

In 2019, Jeff left the floor to venture out on his own and pursue a handful of wine-focused projects.

In addition to consulting for numerous restaurants, including Red Hook Tavern, Jeff created his own web series, Sip Trip, which focuses on wine, life, and culture through beverages. He founded Volcanic Selections to unite his many passions: responsible farming, small family growers, expressive growing sites, and well-made wine.

Outside of beverages, Jeff is an avid at-home cook, doting father, passionate traveler, and a lover of all things BBQ.

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Our portfolio is made up of small growers who respect the environment, use a minimalist mentality in the cellar, and aren’t afraid to make mistakes along the way.

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